5 Warnings You Shouldn’t Date That Guy You Meet Online

The important thing is not to stop questioning; curiosity has its own reason for existing. – Albert Einstein

Albert Einstein didn’t go through the online dating universe, but the quote above exactly applied to how we should act in online dating. A woman should learn how to take things slowly and be smart enough to know if the guy deserves her presence.

There’s a bunch of warnings women need to know if they are planning or about to meet a guy in-person. To name the common ones, we’ve listed 4 warnings to make up your mind and decide whether to date the guy or not even if you like him;

Warning 1: Mr. Dream Boy


He got a fancy car, he had been to different places and countries, he is a model, a millionaire, a super handsome guy, etc. Now it’s time to wake up and slap your face from day dreaming, then think and ask yourself, did those things sound to good to be true? This can be considered a player technique which at times is not about acknowledging your interest, but a hidden tactic to convince you to agree to a first date.


Warning 2: Mr. Mean/Rude


If you ever meet a guy online and you’ve started having conversations via chat, phone or e-mail, and he keeps on interrupting you repetitively while talking to him and blurts a word to hurt your feelings without apologizing, then it could be a warning to stop communicating with that guy. Just imagine what will happen if you were to meet him in person and you unintentionally say a wrong thing. If you are to select between confronting him about the situation and being safe, choose to be safe and stay away.


Warning 3: Mr. Loverboy


You saw his pictures online surrounded by a group of ladies wearing a two piece – then you should think twice. Every man has a sexual fantasy, but if you’re still in a getting to know each other stage, then the guy should learn the act of showing respect. This man may not be looking for a long time relationship, but a friend with benefits.


Warning 4: Mr. Privacy


He’s cute, nice, but very secretive. It’s not wrong to respect each of your privacy, but too much privacy will kill the flame between you and him. He doesn’t want to talk about his family, his friends, his work, and even where he lives. Then that could be a warning you should not ignore.


Warning 5: He wants to meet in a more private place.


If it’s your first time to meet a guy for a date, make sure to choose a public place for your own safety. If he wants to meet up in a more private place like his own apartment or a hazy part of town, then this is one of the big indicators that there is something wrong with him.

You don’t know him, he is a complete stranger to you. If this man offered to meet you in person without giving any word about his background, then you need to question him right away. The moment you chat and constantly exchange thoughts, it is normal that your curiousity about him gets stronger. Besides, doesn’t he wants to know your background too?  Getting to know each other takes two to tango.

These are just some of the important warnings that require your utmost attention when it comes to deciding whether you should or should not date the guy you meet online. In the end, having a successful relationship requires a strong foundation along with respect and honesty. Again, curiosity will always be the best weapon on the online dating world.