How Do You Date a Trans Person in Singapore?

Compared to other Asian countries, Singapore is accepting and open toward its transgender community, so that’s good news. This article offers tips for trans singles in Singapore and those dating them.

It’s not hard to meet a trans single in the country. Locals, as well as foreigners, find Singaporean trans women to be open and friendly. You can meet one at a local dance show or cabaret or in one of the many LGBT-friendly bars, clubs, or theaters. A lot of locals have profiles on online trans dating sites. As always, the internet is a good way to connect. What is more, trans-positive events take place all year round.

When you start dating a trans person, you might experience issues with your perception of your sexual orientation. Know that no sexual practice defines or is owned by sexual orientation. For example, you can’t say only straight people do vaginal penetration, only gay men have anal sex, or only lesbians have oral sex. Having sex with someone shouldn’t change how you identify yourself regardless of the person’s gender identity or sex organs.

However, it’s important to remember that unwillingness to clarify your identity could reinforce the undesirability or invisibility of trans people – in other words, reinforce transphobia. Let’s say you’re a straight, non-trans man interested in dating a trans woman. Not being completely open about your attraction could reinforce transphobia. If the woman is stereotypically feminine, you might be perceived as a straight couple.

Whatever the case may be, it’s important to acknowledge your feelings and be visible about your relationship without compromising safety. On that note, always meet in daylight and in public. Trans people in Singapore complain that they face a lot of discrimination and many people question their choices. In the past, there wasn’t enough accurate medical information about surgery, hormone therapy, and trans people would get wrong or outdated advice and suffer. Things are slowly improving, but there’s still much to be desired. In light of this, always be as supportive and considerate of your partner as you can.