How to have a healthier sex life in 2018

“Sexual health is general health” as Dr. Krychman, a gynaecologist at the Southern California for Sexual Health stated. He explains the importance of the sexual health as he highlighted how it works. As we all know, sex will always be on its great alignment as one of the best form of exercises. Moreover, sex releases dopamine in the brain which increases your ambition, oxytocin to get you more affectionate, testosterone that helps in improving your performance at work and endorphins that works in reducing your stress level. On one hand, some are taking supplements to get even a half of its health benefits.

Furthermore, the essence of being committed in a relationship helps you to grow even more and with that idea, the connection between sheets will gradually push you to make sex even better. Adding more sex to your list of health resolutions for New Year, indeed, there are some tips on how to improve every element of spicing things up. Making better quality and quantity that will ultimately lead to improved health that will make your sex life boom at 2018.


Never disregard the sense of engaging yourself to foreplay

Foreplay is the arousal of sexual energy and it doesn’t have to be relegated to the moments before sex play with your partner. The act of foreplay invokes pleasure in your own body throughout the day. In particular, hugging from behind and expanding the concept of sexting; these things can start as soon as you wake up in the morning and last all day long whether with you alone or with your partner. In other words, you must know how to keep the fire stoked in yourself and in your partner. This will ignite the full flame in your romance.


Sex more often


Now a day, millennial couple are having nine times less sex with their partner than the previous generation which is said to be not good. Many experts suggest that having sex once or twice per week leads to a stronger immune system. Indeed, Dr, Berman, one of the sexual experts, recommends that couples must prioritize sex at least once a week. You just have to be more literate and accurate in setting things up with your partner, you must spice things up in a more organic manner.


Never be ashamed whenever you talk about sex


Open communication about sex is one good thing that should be intensified among couples. We all know that discussion about sex is quite difficult but still according to many experts, open discussion about sex is linked to reduced likelihood of low libido. Therefore, if you are experiencing a diminished sex drive and you don’t know the reasons behind it, then I suggest engaging your partner in an open conversation around sex to be able to get back on track.

In general, there are a lot of tips on how you can be able to improve your sex life this year. Remember that you are unique, that you can perform even better. Sexual health is now considered as one of the important formulas in a relationship. Also, existing ways are there, all you have to do is to upgrade it to the next intense level for better performance that leads to a healthier sex life.